Blog post 10 : All about the common dog food allergies 🐶🥛🥣🧺🐕

All about the common dog food allergies : 

The dog food allergies are difficult to identify unless one is well aware of the baseline information with regard to this type of allergy. The main symptoms of dog food allergies include the facial itching, limb chewing, belly itching, recurrent ear infections or skin infections. 🐶🥛🥣🧺🐕

Since the dogs consume lot of prepared food materials including various kinds of proteins, fillers, coloring agents and more; in the commercial food materials, the incidences of dog food allergies are more than one can imagine. Allergic reactions mostly involve the skin or the gastro intestinal tract. 🐶🥛🥣🧺🐕

If you come across your dog itching after the provision of specific food materials, then suspect the food allergy in this animal. However, conditions like fungal infections need to be ruled out in general before the conclusion of itching as one of the dog food allergies. 🐶🥛🥣🧺🐕

There are many recorded dog food allergies to corn or to wheat. However, dog food allergies vary from dog to dog. Read the labels clearly before feeding your dogs with pet food materials, in such occasions. Too much colored food materials may be avoided since they may cause dog food allergies. 🐶🥛🥣🧺🐕

The dog food allergies are often linked to the hyper active behavior noticed in the dogs. Added colors, preservatives and high fat diet might cause dog food allergies and hence, one has to be careful in providing new kind of diet to their dogs and closely monitor the dog for any signs of allergy. 🐶🥛🥣🧺🐕

There are many occasions that dog food allergies might be diagnosed but the dog may have other problems like pancreatitis. To rule out any dog food allergies, observe your dogs everytime you feed them, look for reasons to link the signs of dog with food given, specific signs encountered, differential diagnosis etc. Those are the most important features to be given emphasis in the analysis of dog food allergies ! 🐶🥛🥣🧺🐕

Understanding ingredients to prevent dog food allergies :

Understanding the ingredients of your dog's food items is a must for the dog lovers or dog owners. Whenever you feed the dog with different kinds of food items, you should always read the label and understand the contents about the dog feed types that are being used in such commercial preparations. You should understand the ingredients while buying food for your dog and also know what to look for. 🐶🥛🥣🧺🐕

Feed items include dry and fresh food. The fresh dog food that is prepared in homes generally consists of ingredients like freshly cut chicken pieces in addition to the cranberry juices, blue-green algae, etc. 🐶🥛🥣🧺🐕

If you come across any different kinds of preservatives and if the dog develops all of a sudden signs pertaining to the food allergy, suspect the unwanted ingredient in the feed items given. Similarly, understand about the moisture status. If the food item is having more moisture, then the dog may prefer this as well. 🐶🥛🥣🧺🐕

Beet pulp, pasta, Soy bean oil, wheat middlings, calcium carbonate, magnesium oxide, copper sulphate, iron sulphate, zinc oxide, choline chloride, etc. are often the ingredients in case of vegetarian based diet items offered to the pet animals like dogs. 🐶🥛🥣🧺🐕

Raw egg, chicken, beef, mutton, fish, quail etc. are often the preferred ingredients in case of dog diets that are prepared on the basis of the non-vegetarian items. Taurine is one of the essential ingredients for the dog’s nutrition. Like wise, in the case of dogs feed with frozen fish items, the vitamin called thiamine needs to be supplemented as an ingredient. 🐶🥛🥣🧺🐕

Many premium type of dog food preparations contain essential fatty acids, carbohydrates with adequate fiber contents, vitamins like A, D, E and B complex vitamins. 🐶🥛🥣🧺🐕

Furthermore, minerals like zinc, is an essential ingredient for skin health status and calcium, which is an essential ingredient for bone growth, tonicity of muscles. They should be enriched in these food items. However, the cost of those food preparations are comparatively more expensive than the food preparations with general ingredients. Though it may be better for your dog's health. 🐶🥛🥣🧺🐕

How to give your pets clean and fresh meals to prevent them from the common dog food allergies :

1) The 3L LCD, Wifi, Camera automatic pet feeder :  🐶🥛🥣😻

This '' 3L LCD, Wifi, Camera automatic pet feeder '' is the ultimate solution to feed you dog or cat wherever you go, will save you time and it's very easy to use. Time to give to your pet the care he deserves with this amazing 3L LCD, Wifi, Camera automatic pet feeder  ! 🐶🥛🥣😻 

LCD Screen feeder :

a- Infrared Induction: This automatic pet feeder has infrared detection technology which will prevent the food from spilling or getting stuck in the hole of the dispenser;

b- Sound Recording Function: This feeder has a sound recording function that will allow you to record your voice where you can record your voice calling your pet to come and enjoy their meal time.

c- Power Supply: You can either use the power adapter that comes with the feeder or batteries in order to deliver power to your automatic pet feeder. 

Wifi automatic pet feeder :

Easily set the time of food and the amount of food to be delivered through the mobile phone, and regularly feed the pets more healthily to prevent the pets from being full or hunger.

Wifi and camera Pet Feeder :

a. 1.3 MPx high-definition camera, with a 110-degree wide-angle len, you can also know about the pets at any time.

b. Easily set the time of food and the amount of food to be delivered through the mobile phone, and regularly feed the pets more healthily to prevent the pets from being full or hunger.

System features:

a. APP a set of WIFI keys;

b. Music remote feed;

c. Real-time remote viewing of pet food, photographs, video, social;

d. Super wide-angle lens, which covers the viewing angle of 110 degrees -Monitoring video: supports iPhone, Android phones and other smart phones and flat panel monitor, supports remote playback, without having to download.

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2) The Interactive Dog Toy Food Dispenser : solution when dog losing appetite : 🐕🐶🧉😖

This « Interactive Dog Toy Food Dispenser » is the ultimate solution for dog owners when dog losing appetite, it is made to increase the IQ and Mental Stimulation of your dog ! 🐶🐾🐕

With this toy, your dog will see, smell, hear and find the snacks inside the food dispenser, which will increase the appetite of your dog if he is not eating enough ! 🐶🧉😌

Furthermore, this magic dog food dispenser prevents your pet from rapid eating and limits the amount of treats swallowed by your dog by slowing down the treat feeding process, which helps your dog fix its digestion and bloating problems in order to keep a healthy physical body !🧉🐕🥰

Finally, the tumbler design of the toy make it roll in a small area while playing, so your dog’s food won’t be sprinkled everywhere ! 🐕🧉😌

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3) The Mermaid Silicone bowl feeding dog : 🐶😌🧜‍♀️

Below its main features :

1.  Multifunctional: Can be used for feeding dog and cat. 🐶🐱🥟

2. Special design for training the sense of smelling while feeding dog or cat. Always have fun. 🥟🧜‍♀️🐾 

3. Antiskid base to avoid that the pet overturns the bowl. 😉🍜🐾

4. The bowl is detachable. It is convenient to wash the pet bowl after feeding dog or cat. 🐶😻

5. Beautiful mermaid shape, will decorate your room and the kids will like it too. 🥰😽🧜‍♀️

No worries feeding dog or cat anymore ! 🦮🐈🐾😌

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4) The bite dog chewing ball:  🐶👌🪀😌


This bite dog chewing ball is made from food-grade TPR materials, non toxic, environmental friendly, safe and harmless to your love pet. 🐶👌🪀

When you throw the ball to the ground, it will bounce high, suitable to play with in the yard, home or park. It also do inspire pets hunting instinct to insanely chase this chew ball, so it can better train pet agility.🦮🏏🪀

This bite dog chewing ball can be a play toy and a teeth cleaning toy in the same time. It helps to remove the plaque and tartar, reduce the breeding of bacteria, keep teeth clean and freshen the breath.🐶👌🪀

The soft texture of the bite dog chewing ball is designed to be safe for your dog's gums. With it your little pet won't bite the sofa and other furniture again.😌🪀🦮

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5) The Interactive Flying Disc Food Dispenser for intelligent dogs training:  🥏🦮🐶

This interactive Flying Disc is made specifically for intelligent dogs training, which can be filled by snacks and food to keep your intelligent dogs more energetic, more curious and even smarter ! 🥏🦮🐶🐾

Below its main features :




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6) The 60ml/100ml/150ml Reusable Nutrient Syringe for a healthy dog feeding:  💉 🐱🐶🐾

This “ Reusable Nutrient Syringe” is medically designed for a healthy cat / dog feeding ! 💉 🐱🐶🐾

Below its main features :

1. The edge is not loose, no slope and no bubble; 💉🐾

2. The inner wall is tightly matched with the piston, spitting out liquid is fluent and it is not easy to leak; 💉🐾

3. Big mouth, long mouth and medically designed for a healthy cat / dog feeding, nutrient solution matching, plant cultivation and so on. 💉 🐾

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7) 50ml Nursing feeding bottle for babies pets :  🍼🐱🐨🐰🐶




With this 50ml Nursing feeding bottle for babies pets  you will discover how to feed a kitten or a puppy ! 🍼🐾🐱👶🐶

It is especially designed for small puppies, kittens, small rabbits and any babies pets about 1 month old ! 🍼🐰🐨🐯🐣

Below its main features :

1. It is equipped with a scale on the surface of the bottle to control daily feeding volume; 🍼🐾

2. It is equipped with a special brush to easily clear the inside of the bottle; 🍼🐾

3. Soft, environmental-friendly, non-toxic nipple and safe for your babies pets. 🍼🐾

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The dog walking food bag we recommend to protect your dog food and prevent from the common dog allergies :   🏕🐾🐕🧺🚴‍♂️






This ‘’ camouflage dog walking food bag ‘ is made of premium PVC Oxford camouflage fabric, which is stylish and easy to clean ! 🏕🐾🐕🧺🚴‍♂️

Below its main features :

1. The food bag is equipped with an adjustable plastic slider with strap, easy to close and open; 🧺🐾🚴‍♂️

2. The food storage is equipped with a waterproof nylon inside, durable and environmental; 🧺🐾🚴‍♂️

3. Finally, it is equipped with an extra rubber pad with croos opening for taking poopbags easily. 🧺🐾🚴‍♂️

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