Blog post 21 : All about the pet vitamins and supplements 🐶🐱🧫💊🍄

Do pet vitamins and supplements really help ? 🐶🐱🧫💊🍄

The pet vitamins and supplements have made a huge comeback for not only humans but their pets too. One of the reasons is that we enjoy treating our pets like children, because we love them, and we want them to be healthy and happy. 🐶🐱🧫💊🍄

If it is good for us, it is good for them, right ? That is the attitude, anyway. But, do pets really need vitamins and supplements ? Do they really help ? 🐶🐱🧫💊🍄

The first thing you should do for your pet is to feed them right, give them lots of exercise, and play with them and love them often. This will help your pet be as healthy as possible even without pet vitamins and supplements. 🐶🐱🧫💊🍄

* Healthy Diet : Feed your pet commercially prepared food that is highly rated and recommended by your veterinarian. Don’t worry ; if your vet recommends food that they sell in their office, you can ask them what type of food can they recommend at a store so you can spend less. 🐶🐱🧫💊🍄

There are less expensive versions at Walmart and Target that are perfectly healthy and nutritionally complete. 🐶🐱🧫💊🍄

* Plenty of Exercise : Most animals need lots of exercise, which also includes sunshine. Even your indoor cat needs sunshine; that is why they love to lie in any sunbeam they can find. 🐶🐱🧫💊🍄

Cats have a higher body temperature and get cold more easily too, so that is also another reason. Ensuring your animal gets plenty of exercise can keep them very healthy. 🐶🐱🧫💊🍄

* Lots of Playtime and Love : Another way to ensure that your pet is healthy is to spend plenty of time each day playing with them actively. For dogs, it is best to be out of doors; for indoor cats, get out the laser light and play. 🐶🐱🧫💊🍄

If it's possible for your cat to be outdoors safely and they will cooperate, walking them on a leash can help them get sunshine and fresh air too. 🐶🐱🧫💊🍄

Should you give the pet vitamins and supplements before, during or after your pets' meals ? 

Most animal medications have instructions regarding when to give them to your pet, but  pet vitamins and supplements sometimes don’t offer help. 🐶🐱🧫💊🍄

In general, you will want to give your pet their pet vitamins and supplements with food, based on the instructions on the package. Here are some tips on how to give pet vitamins and supplements to your pets :

. Read the Label :

The label will have a lot of information about when and how to give the pet vitamins and supplements to your pet. 🐶🐱🧫💊🍄

Some will say with food, some will say between meals, and some will say how many hours before or after meals to give it to them. One thing you do want to ensure is that they have fresh water. 🐶🐱🧫💊🍄

. Ditch the People Food :

Some people like to put pills in hot dogs for their dog. The problem is, hot dogs are highly processed with lots of salt and other ingredients that your dog does not need. In fact, your dog only needs to eat the food that is designed for them each day and no more. 🐶🐱🧫💊🍄

Therefore, if you want to give your dog their pet vitamins and supplements with their food, put it inside real dog food. You can use liquid vitamins to mix it undetected in their meal. 🐶🐱🧫💊🍄

. Get the Right Form :

Every animal is different. Some will respond to pet vitamins and supplements and some will not. But one thing is for sure; each animal has a preference of how they will ingest the pet vitamins and supplements you want to give them. 🐶🐱🧫💊🍄

There are pet vitamins and supplements in chew (treats), pill, and liquid form. You may have to try more than one type before you find a way to get your pet to take it. It depends on how picky your animal is. 🐶🐱🧫💊🍄

It Depends :

If your pet has a very easily disturbed digestive tract, then giving your pet vitamins and supplements with food will usually help. But, in some cases, it can cause more problems. 🐶🐱🧫💊🍄

So, you’ll need to test it. If the supplement label says with food or water, try both to find out which works best for your pet. If it says absolutely with food, then you’ll need to follow the label and serve it with their meal. 🐶🐱🧫💊🍄

It is important to discuss with your vet which vitamins you’ll be giving your pet so that you can discuss how and when the vitamin will be given. It will depend on the form, too. 🐶🐱🧫💊🍄

If it is a treat such as a chew, they can usually be given alone, and since you should always have water out for your pet it wonít be difficult. If it is a liquid, most say to put into the food, which is what you should do. 🐶🐱🧫💊🍄

If it is a pill form, in some cases you‘ll be required to stick the pill down your pet’s throat without food, but typically they can eat right after. It simply depends on the supplement, the form itís in, and how the vitamin is absorbed best for your pet. 🐶🐱🧫💊🍄

Can you safely give pet vitamins and supplements in conjunction with other vitamins or medications ?

Just like many people today are learning that their bodies are deficient in certain vitamins and minerals, we are also concerned about whether our pets are getting enough in their diets to keep them happy and healthy. 🐶🐱🧫💊🍄

Therefore, pet parents often introduce various supplements, vitamins, and medications to their pets without thinking of the long-term consequences. 🐶🐱🧫💊🍄

Our best friend, our vet, or someone else said that it was good for the pet, so we buy it and use it - not realizing that things we add to our petís body can interact together and cause problems, just like in people. 🐶🐱🧫💊🍄

What is worse is that pets cannot tell us about their side effects, so we may be completely unaware of a problem until it is too late. 🐶🐱🧫💊🍄

Which pet vitamins and supplements format is best for absorption : Liquid, Powders or Chews ? 

There are a lot of choices today for pet supplements. They have liquid, powders, pills, chews and even sublingual (fast dissolving) varieties for pets. Your options are many, but some may absorb better than others. 🐶🐱🧫💊🍄

* Liquids :

Often this is a great choice because if the pet will take it (either with a dropper or directly on their food), they will get it all inside their digestive tract faster without too much digestive work. But some people believe that since it is a liquid form, the highly acidic process that happens through digestion destroys a lot of the benefit. 🐶🐱🧫💊🍄

* Powders :

The good thing about powders is that they can be mixed into food and hidden. However, some pets, just like with liquids, are wise to it and donít like the taste and will refuse to eat it. And you can’t do anything else with powders except to put it in their food, so options are limited. If they do ingest it, though, it will absorb fast since it is partially digested in powder form. 🐶🐱🧫💊🍄

* Chews :

Often the preferred method of giving pets any type of pet vitamins and supplements these are designed to taste good to the pet. Therefore, they are more likely to ingest it, which means they are more likely to absorb it. 🐶🐱🧫💊🍄

The problem is, like with any type of packaging for a supplement or medication, what is in it apart from the supplement itself is important. Your pet may be sensitive or allergic to it, which will interfere with the benefits. 🐶🐱🧫💊🍄

* Pills :

Seen as the most difficult to give any type of pet, pills are still often one of the best ways to ensure the animal gets the vitamin in their system. 🐶🐱🧫💊🍄

Pills usually should be put into the pet’s mouth as close to their throat as possible, then hold their mouth closed and rub their throat so they swallow. 🐶🐱🧫💊🍄

Due to the fact you can’t be wrong about whether they took the pill or not, you can be sure itís inside them. So, if they are not sensitive to the pill and it is a high-quality vitamin, it should absorb at a high rate. 🐶🐱🧫💊🍄

* Sublingual :

This fast-acting delivery method looks like a pill, but it usually dissolves practically on contact. Sometimes they look like a thin sheet, other times a pill. 🐶🐱🧫💊🍄

These are known to absorb very well if you can get it in them. Itís harder to tell if the pet really took it since it does dissolve fast, though. 🐶🐱🧫💊🍄

The important thing is that you try each kind, and different brands, because like humans every pet is a little different in ways we are not sure about yet. 🐶🐱🧫💊🍄

That is why sometimes one medication works for one dog and not for the next. The biological makeup of animals is just as complicated, if not more so, than the human body. 🐶🐱🧫💊🍄

Therefore, the short answer to the question of which vitamins absorb best, is the one your pet will take and that works for them. 🐶🐱🧫💊🍄

Are the pet vitamins and supplements essential in you pet's diet ?

We humans like to take supplements to help improve our health. Sometimes they work, and sometimes they don't. The same can be said for your fur babies. 🐶🐱🧫💊🍄

Just as the research conducted on supplements for humans is sparse, so is animal research for supplements. But, vets will try supplementation for pets when nothing else seems to work, and some pet parents claim relief, so it can often be worth trying on a case-by-case basis depending on the problem. 🐶🐱🧫💊🍄

. Failure to Thrive :

Sometimes a pet will suffer from a failure to thrive no matter what type of food the pet parent is providing. When this happens, veterinarians will look to supplement a pet on the types of nutrients they need. 

If this happens, you will have to manually provide vitamins, minerals, and calories to the animal to prevent deficiencies. 🐶🐱🧫💊🍄

. Cat Herpes (FHV-1) :

The feline herpes virus is very common in shelter pets, although most pets have no symptoms and need no treatment. Some cats will have symptoms such as respiratory issues, runny eyes, nose, and even bronchial issues. 🐶🐱🧫💊🍄

The vaccine can help lessen symptoms, but it will not cure it and doesnít even prevent the disease. In this case, cats are often prescribed eye drops, daily eye washing, and the supplement lysine. 🐶🐱🧫💊🍄

Lysine is thought to inhibit the replication of the FHV-1 virus to reduce symptoms. You must be careful about how much you give your pet and follow the vetís recommendation, because it can cause other deficiencies. 🐶🐱🧫💊🍄

. Digestive Issues :

Like humans, pets can experience an imbalance in their digestive tracts which can cause runny stools or constipation. When this happens, often vets will change the food recommendations and ask that you include short-term probiotic supplementation to try to bring the animalís body back into alignment. It can be very effective when given in the right amounts for the type of pet you have. 🐶🐱🧫💊🍄

. Blood Tests Showing Shortages :

When your animal gets their annual physical, most vets do regular blood, stool, and urine testing. These tests will sometimes show that your animal is deficient in a specific vitamin, mineral or amino acid. 🐶🐱🧫💊🍄

If that happens, the vet will prescribe just the right supplement to make up for the shortage and try to determine why there is a problem in the first place. 🐶🐱🧫💊🍄

. Old-Age Issues :

Just like humans, animals experience issues with old age such as problems with their joints. If your pet displays issues with their joints, most veterinarians will prescribe glucosamine to help with the inflammation pain. 🐶🐱🧫💊🍄

It can take a few weeks to notice if the supplement is working for your pet or not. If it is not, other alternatives may need to be explored. It is especially difficult with cats, because cats can’t even take NSAIDS which are often used to treat joint problems in dogs and humans. 🐶🐱🧫💊🍄

How much time pet vitamins and supplements usually take before starting to see a difference in your pet’s health ?

When you change anything about your pet’s diet, including providing supplementation, the changes won't happen overnight. 🐶🐱🧫💊🍄

Like with humans, it can sometimes take weeks to find out if a medication is working or not. Therefore, understand that although nutrition, supplements and vitamins can sometimes help your pet, itís not an overnight solution. 🐶🐱🧫💊🍄

. Glucosamine :

This is a supplement given to pets to help with arthritis and joint pain. It can be purchased over the counter and some veterinarians will also stock it and give it to their patients for treating arthritis. 🐶🐱🧫💊🍄

While the evidence is not strong right now that it works, some people swear by it. Most vets say to give it at least six weeks before deciding if itís working or not. 🐶🐱🧫💊🍄

. Fish Oil :

Many people give their pets fish oil because they want them to have a nice coat and fewer skin allergies. Dogs and cats donít have the same coronary issues that we have, so you don’t need to give fish oil to them for that reason. 🐶🐱🧫💊🍄

It is normally a trial and error process to find out if adding fish oil will benefit the coat and skin. Most veterinarians want you to give it at least 12 weeks to determine if any supplement is working on the coat, depending on the breed and how fast their coat grows out. 🐶🐱🧫💊🍄

. Probiotics :

These beneficial gut bacteria are often given to dogs and cats when they have issues with their bowel movements (typically runny bowels) even though they are otherwise healthy and eating right. 🐶🐱🧫💊🍄

The studies now are inconclusive, although are leaning toward them being beneficial for gastrointestinal disease for humans, dogs, and cats. 🐶🐱🧫💊🍄

Typically, it only takes about seven days to notice whether itís going to benefit your pet. Quality control is poor, so buy a well-known brand and check the independent verification. 🐶🐱🧫💊🍄

. Multivitamins :

One of the more controversial issues - there are no studies that show whether vitamins work for pets or not, nor whether they really need them. 🐶🐱🧫💊🍄

The main reason for this is that most commercial pet foods are nutritionally complete, making supplementation unnecessary for pets who can eat commercially prepared food. 🐶🐱🧫💊🍄

However, if you feed your pet an alternative method, you may need to use multivitamins for pets to ensure they are getting balanced and proper nutrition. But once again, quality control is poor so check for independent verification and only get vitamins approved for your type of pet. 🐶🐱🧫💊🍄

. Lysine :

Many cats are infected with the feline herpes virus (FHV-1). It is very common for shelter cats as itís very contagious. Most cats overcome it, but a few will not. 🐶🐱🧫💊🍄

The symptoms are runny eyes, respiratory issues, and a runny nose. Some cats act tired and unwell. There is an inoculation that cats can get that can lessen symptoms, but it will not prevent the virus. 🐶🐱🧫💊🍄

The treatment right now is to wash the eyes, put in over-the-counter eye drops (ask your vet which kind) and supplement with lysine. It is supposed to work by blocking the uptake of a certain amino acid, stopping the replication of the FHV-1 virus. 🐶🐱🧫💊🍄

One problem is that this supplement can cause arginine deficiency. If this supplement is going to work, you must try it for the long term over about six months. 🐶🐱🧫💊🍄

Which pet vitamins and supplements are best for the skin and coat of your pets ?

Pets sometimes have issues with their skin and coat. Just like us humans, they can get dry hair, dry and itchy skin, and for some itís worse than others. 🐶🐱🧫💊🍄

If your pet is having issues with their skin and coat, you may want to look for an appropriate vitamin that will help them based on the type of pet it is and their problem. Here are some alternatives. 🐶🐱🧫💊🍄

. For Dogs :

Is your dog’s coat dull, greasy, or thin ? Is their skin itchy, and are they scratching a lot ? If they don’t have an underlying condition such as a food allergy or illness that needs mediation or vet care, there are options that you can try. 🐶🐱🧫💊🍄

* B Vitamins : These are important for a healthy coat. The most important B vitamin for a healthy coat is biotin. If you can get your dog to eat green veggies, peas, or nutritional yeast, that is a good way to get more B-complex vitamins in their system. 🐶🐱🧫💊🍄

* Vitamin C : Dogs make their own vitamin C but in some cases, especially if they are older with a dull coat, giving them additional vitamin C won't hurt and can bring back the shine. Add berries, Brussels sprouts and cauliflower to their diet if you want to do it the natural way. 🐶🐱🧫💊🍄

* Vitamin A : This is a water-soluble vitamin known as beta-carotene that you can find in carrots and sweet potatoes. Some dogs love snacking on raw baby carrots, which can help give them plenty of vitamin A. 🐶🐱🧫💊🍄

* Zinc : This is a vitamin essential for skin health plus the formation of many other enzymes in the body. It can be found naturally in high protein foods like eggs, beef, lamb, pork, chicken, and fish. 🐶🐱🧫💊🍄

. For Cats :

Many issues can cause problems with a catís coat and skin. Some cats are allergic to certain by-products in the food you give them. 🐶🐱🧫💊🍄

Others are bathed too often by their owners in an effort to cut down on allergens for the humans in the household. But for the most part, a healthy cat who is well cared for, brushed often and fed a healthy diet, should have a thick, shiny, soft coat without scabs or the need to scratch. 🐶🐱🧫💊🍄

If you've ruled out fleas (and just because you don’t see them doesn’t mean they don’t have them) or other issues, you can try supplementation for your cat’s coat. 🐶🐱🧫💊🍄

* Protein : Cats need a lot of protein to maintain a healthy coat, more than dogs. If the food youíre feeding them is high in grain by-products they may be suffering due to it, even if there is also protein. Consider supplementing your catís diet with an ounce of raw rabbit, chicken, or beef each day. 🐶🐱🧫💊🍄

* Fat : Cats also need fat in their diet. Some generic foods do not offer enough fat and can end up causing problems with the catís coat and vitamin processing. A good way to deal with this problem is to supplement with fish oil like salmon oil. You can sprinkle it right on your catís dry food. 🐶🐱🧫💊🍄

* Carbohydrates : The best carbohydrates for cats include vegetables and fruit, not grains. Switch to a grain-free food to ensure that your cat’s coat gets and remains healthy. Plus, if they are itchy, this should cure it. 🐶🐱🧫💊🍄

Other issues that could interfere with your pet having a healthy, shiny coat is obesity. Many house pets are obese. If you’re feeding your pet table scraps, pet food, treats and more, that can be a serious issue for them. 🐶🐱🧫💊🍄

Try feeding them the right food in the right amounts at the right time, with plenty of fresh water, using vet recommended supplements as directed. Within 12 to 15 weeks you should notice a huge difference. 🐶🐱🧫💊🍄

How to choose the best joint supplements for older dogs from the pet vitamins and supplements available in the market ?

Just like humans, older dogs often have bone issues like arthritis in their joints, which causes them pain and limits their ability to play and have fun. 🐶🐱🧫💊🍄

There are many different types of products being marketed to the older dog, so it can be hard to decipher what, if anything, you really need when choosing the best joint supplements for them. 🐶🐱🧫💊🍄

The main supplement offered both humans and dogs with joint issues, and that shows some promise in studies, is glucosamine. 🐶🐱🧫💊🍄

. The Benefits of Glucosamine for Dogs :

There are several benefits of adding glucosamine joint supplement to your older dog's diet :

* Pain relief

* Lowers inflammation

* Rebuilds lost cartilage

* Improved joint function

* Easier joint movement

* Improved energy

In addition, glucosamine is inexpensive, has fewer risk than pain medication, and usually doesnít react with other supplements, food, or medications other than blood thinners. 🐶🐱🧫💊🍄

. The Drawbacks of Glucosamine for Dogs : 

Giving your dog glucosamine can have some drawbacks too.

* Allergic Reaction : If your dog has a shellfish allergy, they cannot take glucosamine if itís not plant-based. Thankfully, there are plant-based forms. 🐶🐱🧫💊🍄

* Blood Sugar Issues : Some dogs experience issues with blood sugar disturbances when taking glucosamine. Your vet will watch for signs of this. 🐶🐱🧫💊🍄

* Gastrointestinal Problems : It can cause gas, diarrhea, and stomach pain for some dogs. 🐶🐱🧫💊🍄

. How to Choose the Best Joint Supplement :

If you want to try a joint supplement like glucosamine for your older dog, here is how to choose :

* Read the Labels : You should know your dogís allergies and issues by now, so read all labels. Most glucosamine comes along with other supplements like avocado oil or fish oils rather than single ingredient glucosamine. Buy the purest supplement that you can afford. 🐶🐱🧫💊🍄

* Know Your Dog : Some dogs are very difficult about you giving pills or even adding things to their food. If your dog is like that, you may have to spend more on getting a dog treat with glucosamine in it that your dog likes. There are treats, pills, chews, powders, and liquids you can choose from. 🐶🐱🧫💊🍄

* Third-Party Verification : The supplement industry is very underregulated, due to the fact that there are few if any laws about them. Therefore, check for an independent third-party testing verification to ensure that the ingredients on the label are what is in the supplement. 🐶🐱🧫💊🍄

* Your vet : your vet will usually know the most expensive and least expensive choices for you. If they offer something you simply cannot afford, ask for less expensive alternatives and usually they can tell you about one. 🐶🐱🧫💊🍄

There are plenty of options on the market, but itís important that you always check with your vet to ensure that you don’t give your dog anything that will harm it. 🐶🐱🧫💊🍄

It is best not to give pets anything made for humans unless your vet has confirmed that it is a good choice to make for your older dog. 🐶🐱🧫💊🍄

Is it possible to overdose my pet with too many pet vitamins and supplements ?

Sometimes people think that if something is good for their pet (or themselves), more equals better. But, the problem with that idea is that itís never true. 🐶🐱🧫💊🍄

Like humans, adults or children, animals can overdose on too many vitamins and supplements. This can make them very sick and even cause serious complications, including death. But, it depends on the pet vitamins and supplements. 🐶🐱🧫💊🍄

. Symptoms of Vitamin or Supplement Overdose :

If your pet has got into their (or your) supplements, the best course of action is to immediately get them to an emergency vet clinic - even if they have no symptoms yet. 🐶🐱🧫💊🍄

If they are having symptoms, these will usually include digestive issues such as diarrhea, vomiting, and painful gas. Most overdoses are not intended. 🐶🐱🧫💊🍄

If you're cognizant of what is in your pet’s food before you supplement, and only give the recommended daily amounts, it is very unlikely to overdose your pet with too many vitamins or supplements. 🐶🐱🧫💊🍄

. Probiotics :

Typically, you canít overdose a pet on probiotics. That is because they already exist in the body and gut and aren’t a foreign substance. 🐶🐱🧫💊🍄

However, you need to ensure that the probiotics youíre giving your pet have no other ingredients, as the other ingredients can pose problems depending on what they are. Even the capsule ingredients matter. 🐶🐱🧫💊🍄

. Enzymes :

Giving your pet enzymes can help cut down on the gas which can cause stomach and digestion issues. Like probiotics, enzymes are naturally present in the body; therefore, you cannot overdose on them. 🐶🐱🧫💊🍄

However, again, checking out the total ingredients is important, and only giving the recommended dose is safest. 🐶🐱🧫💊🍄

. Vitamins and Minerals :

Did you know that one reason for pet food recalls has to do with the balance of artificial and synthetic vitamins and minerals being off ? 🐶🐱🧫💊🍄

The sad thing is that many of these problems have to do with the chemical preservatives and carriers used to distribute the vitamins and minerals. Like probiotics and enzymes, how the supplement is made is very important too. 🐶🐱🧫💊🍄

. Supplementing Safely :

The best way to ensure that you supplement your pet safely is to not act on your own. Talk to your vet, get the right blood tests for your pet to check for deficiencies (and overdoses) and only use supplements that are made from whole foods rather than manmade ingredients when possible. 🐶🐱🧫💊🍄

Having a happy and healthy pet is the goal for most people who have pets. If you want to ensure that your pet is in optimum health, don’t supplement just because someone told you to do it. 🐶🐱🧫💊🍄

Only do it when you know for a fact that your pet needs it. You can find out from your vet exactly how much of any vitamin and mineral your pet needs based on their breed, weight, and other factors. This will help ensure that you never overdose your pet. 🐶🐱🧫💊🍄

What about the pet vitamins and supplements industry ?

The supplement industry is a 15-billion-dollar industry which has very powerful advertising and marketing that affects our choices. As many as 30 percent of pet parents give their pets some form of supplementation and usually they do it on their own without talking to their vet. 🐶🐱🧫💊🍄

This can be very dangerous since even if it is safe for you, it may not be safe for your pet. Their systems are different from ours. Since supplements aren’t regulated like the drug industry is, and often have horrific quality control, there could be issues with the supplement that you don't know about. 🐶🐱🧫💊🍄

. Pet Food Is Nutritionally Complete : 

Another thing to think about is that commercial pet food today must be nutritionally complete. If you're feeding your pets nutritionally complete commercially prepared pet food, there is no reason to offer any type of supplementation of vitamins or minerals - unless a vet has performed blood tests which show that your pet is deficient in something. 🐶🐱🧫💊🍄

One exception is supplements for older dogs for joint pain which your vet can recommend and usually provide, although you should be able to find over-the-counter products that work which are less expensive. 🐶🐱🧫💊🍄

. Drugs Interact with Vitamins and Supplements : 

Even though supplements are supposed to be "natural", they can and do interfere and interact with drugs and other vitamins when combined erroneously. 🐶🐱🧫💊🍄

If your pet has an issue that you believe will be helped with a supplement, and theyíre on any type of medication, always call the vet first to find out if there is an interaction with their meds, food, or vitamins. 🐶🐱🧫💊🍄

. Many Vitamins Are Toxic to Pets : 

Besides the other issues that have been mentioned, there are many supplements and vitamins that are toxic to pets. It depends on what type of pet you have, but before you give your pet anything that is not recommended by your medical school trained veterinarian, you may want to stop and think. 🐶🐱🧫💊🍄

It is not worth your pet having a reaction and a problem that could have been prevented without experimenting on them. As much as you love your pet, theyíre not human, and they should not be treated as human. 🐶🐱🧫💊🍄

. Buy Reputable Supplements and Vitamins That Have Been Independently Tested : 

You've likely seen the news recently with all the problems with supplements not having in them what people think is in them. Often, they are nothing more than a gelatin capsule. 🐶🐱🧫💊🍄

Therefore, itís imperative that you ensure that the products you buy have been tested and shown to contain exactly what the label says they contain. That information can be hard to find, so you may have to call the company and ask them. 🐶🐱🧫💊🍄

No matter how much you want to help your pet, be aware that the vitamin and supplement industry has very little regulation on it and you don’t always really know what you're giving your pet when you buy questionable supplements that haven’t been independently verified and tested. 🐶🐱🧫💊🍄

Your vet will have the right information to help you choose. Be sure to tell them about anything you feed your pet. 🐶🐱🧫💊🍄

As you can see, supplementation is not an overnight success and studies are sparse. But if it won't hurt your animal and it might help, there is nothing wrong with giving it a try under veterinarian supervision. 🐶🐱🧫💊🍄

Most veterinarians want you to have a happy, healthy pet. When you have any problems with your pet, the best person to go to is your vet. The vet is up on all the studies and can honestly let you know what may or may not work, based on your pet's age, condition and type. 🐶🐱🧫💊🍄

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