Blog post 3 : how often to bathe a puppy ? 🐶🐾🚿🛁

The question about how often to bathe a puppy : 🐶🐾🚿🛁

As a carrying dog owner you've already asked yourself how often to bathe a puppy that you own. The question about how often to bathe a puppy needs to be given more emphasis. This is because of the fact that if you are careless in bathing, the puppy may end up having some infections. 🐶🚿🛁

For example, if you don't close the puppy' ears with large cotton ball, the water may enter into ear canals and may cause some ear infections with signs like constant discharge from the ears and shaking of puppy's head. 🐶🚿🛁

Concerning how often to bathe a puppy actually depends on the breed of your little pup. If the puppy is of a hairy type like the cocker spaniel, then the bathing is to be carried out once in six to eight weeks. If these puppies breeds are bathed too frequently, then the skin and coat loose the protective characters. 🐶🚿🛁

However, when the puppy has defecated on the skin due to the frequent digestive upsets leading to diarrhea, to avoid the bad smell, the puppy may be subjected to frequent bathing some times by the dog owners ! 🐶🚿🛁

Next steps to consider after you know how often to bathe a puppy  :

Now that you know how often to bathe a puppy, the next step is to take more care in avoiding some irritant soaps or human soaps. The soap materials used for human beings are not suitable for puppies. 🐶🚿🛁

Similarly, many human shampoo products are having some ingredients that are not suitable in the proportions that are to be used in case of puppies. Hence, always try to use the shampoo products that are mentioned mainly for use in puppies. Also, take more care in using any new product. 🐶🚿🛁

Always have good time and patience for products required for bathing in one place with availability of water source. Puppies love the sprinkling of water, river and oceans. Even when you are using bathtub, have everything in one place and then start bathing your puppy ! 🐶🚿🛁

The 4 bath equipment we recommend to make your puppy first bath memorable :

1) Foldable dog swimming pool to bath your puppy :  🐶🛁🧊🐬

LX2326R (4)
LX2326L (15)
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This « foldable dog swimming pool » can be folded and placed after washing and drying after bath, does not occupy space and save space ! The large space of the dog swimming pool is convenient for swimming, bathing and playing with your dogs of all sizes ! 🐱🐶🛁🧊🐬

Below its main features :
1. Using PVC composite cloth material, the high-quality cat and dog swimming pool will not leak at all, strong and wear-resistant, light and easy to store; 🛁🧊🐬

2. This cat and dog swimming pool can be used after opening the water, and it is equipped with a quick water discharge port, which is convenient for changing water and pouring water without effort; 🛁🧊🐬

3. The cat and dog swimming pool is dedicated for pets, isolate any bacterial infection. 🛁🧊🐬
You can get yours from our store at the following link :

2) Pet Hand Drying Towel after the dog wash :  🐾🧼🐶


This '' Pet Hand Drying Towel after the dog wash '' is a microfiber pet mat made of high quality microfibre, very soft and absorbent, it can quickly save your drying time after the dog wash ! 🐾🧼🐶

Below its main features :

LARGE SIZE AND VERY PRACTICAL : measuring 76cm x 127cm, perfect for drying small, medium or large dogs in different breeds and sizes; 🐾

VERY CUTE MODEL : with the embroidered paw print, very beautiful and pretty; 🐾

DIFFERENT COLORS FOR YOUR CHOICE : there are various beautiful colors for your choice, keep your dog warm, welcoming and cute after the dog wash. 🐾

You can get yours from our store in the following link :

3) Pet hair Dryer With Heater US for blowing cat and dog fur :  🐈🐩🦁

This “ Pet hair Dryer With Heater US for blowing cat and dog fur “ is perfect for drying cat and dog fur, it is so easy to give your pet a new fresh fur ! It’s an ideal product for personal use, pet supplies stores, pet grooming schools and pet grooming stores ! 🐈🐩🦁

Below its main features :

1) Adopts high-quality copper core motor and built-in FM circuit board, which can realize the function of stepless adjustment of wind speed. 🐈🐩

2) Lightweight and easy to use, which is small in size with a convenient handle to dry cat and dog fur. 🐈🐩

3) According to the different needs of consumers, there are four types of wind nozzles. They play the role of collecting wind, pulling hair and collecting heat respectively. 🐈🐩

4) The product is equipped with a high-elastic hair dryer that can be stretched up to a length of 1.8m. The connection of the machine and the hose is specially designed so that the hose can be efficiently installed or detached. 🐈🐩

You can get yours from our store in the following link :

4) Super Absorbent Dog Bathrobe to keep your puppy warm :  🐶🎽🐾


This '' Super Absorbent Dog Bathrobe '' will make your puppy first bath memorable ! It's lightweight, super absorbent and quick drying ! 🎽🐾🐶 

Below its main features :

. Keeps your pet warm and cozy after a bath or walk in the rain;  🐾🎽

. Simply wrap around and fasten the adjustable clip on top of your dog's back;  🐾🎽

. Microfiber, it's extremely durable and last longer.  🐾🎽

You can get yours from our store at the following link :

After you get the bath equipment that you need, you can add a conditioner and shampoo in the bath place that you can find at any local pet store near you. Conditioner is helpful to make the combing activity easier later. 🐶🚿🛁

If you're interested more on the grooming and combing aspect of the puppy's fur post-bath, you can find more material in our unique collection dedicated to Grooming and Beauty accessories for puppies ! 🐶🚿🛁 

Finally, always remember that the dog bath should be a convenient moment to both the puppy and the dog owner. This should not be a burden at all, so carefully choose the frequency of how often to bathe a puppy that fits your free time and also consider the time of the day when your puppy is more comfortable, depending to your pup breed ! 🐶🚿🛁

We hope our puppy bath post was helpful,

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