Blog post 4 : Is your dog bored ? Try our dog boredom toys ! 😉🐴🐷🦊🐶

Are dog boredom toys effective against dog boredom ? '' 😒🐾🐕😞

Boredom and variety are always inter connected. Many a times, boredom can be managed with variety of materials that will distract the dogs to a greater extent. Hence, the dog may not do the abnormal or unwanted activity arising out of the boredom experienced by it !! 😕🐾🦮

Boredom experienced dogs may have different types of behavioral patterns. For example, some dogs will be seen barking continuously and some may be engaged always in some digging activities. 😫🐾🦮

There are many ways to get your dog out of its boredom activities. Many dog boredom toys are available as simulated donkey, pig, fox, dog, chicken etc. 🐴🐷🦊🐶🐔

These dog boredom toys may be kept inside the crate and in particular, puppies love these items. A buster cube with multiple treats may be placed in the dog's shelter and the animal soon understands on how to roll the buster cube to get the treats it prefers. A Buster Cube is an ingenious toy use for simulating and activating your dog during play and feed time. Instead of placing the food monotonously in one place, change the place of feeding suddenly. 😉🐾🐕‍🦺

Such dog boredom toys will be helpful for removing the boredom like activity in your dog. Activities pertaining to boredom need to be redefined to help you to a greater extent to drive away the unwanted behavior patterns that you notice in you dog or puppy ! 🧐🐾🐕

The 4 dog boredom toys we recommend to end your dog boredom : 

1) Squeaky sound donkey, pig, fox and chicken dogs toys : 🐴🐷🐻🦊🐔🐶






These '' Squeaky sound donkey, pig, fox and chicken dogs toys '' are made from natural latex material, environmentally-friendly, non-toxic and bite-resistant, they are the perfect toys for your dog to play with ! 🐴🐷🦊🐔🐶

Below their main features :

1. Natural latex material, environmentally-friendly, non-toxic and bite-resistant; 🐴🐶

2. When your dog chews or squeezes it, it will make sharp sounds; 🐷🐶

3. The cute animal design will naturally attract your dog to play with the toy; 🦊🐶 

4. It will bring fun and entertainment to your dog; 🐔🐶

5. It is soft, lovely and pleasant for dogs; 🐴🐶

6. Dogs like to chew, grab and play with the latex toys; 🐷🐶

The built-in voice squeeze sounder will relax and release the pressure from your dog; 

8. Very interesting and entertaining toys for dogs with a resistance to squeeze; 🐴🐶

9. Improve the feelings between you and your dog; 🐷🐶

10. Help your dog stay healthy and active. 🐔🐶

You can get yours from our store in the link bellow :

2) Balls and bones chewing toys for permanent dog fun :  🏈⚽️🥎⚾️🐕

These ‘’ balls and bones chewing toys ‘ are made of Pvc non-toxic material ! When your dog chews or squeezes it, it will make sharp and funny sounds that your dog will love ! 🐶🐶🐶🦴🦴🦴

Plus, the cute ball and bone design will attract your dog to play with them ! The toys are soft, lovely and pleasant bringing permanent dog fun and pure entertainment to your dog ! 🏈⚽️🥎⚾️🐕

You can get yours from our store in the link bellow :

3) The bite dog chewing ball :  🐶👌🪀



This bite dog chewing ball is made from food-grade TPR materials, non toxic, environmental friendly, safe and harmless to your love pet. 🪀🐶

When you throw the ball to the ground, it will bounce high, suitable to play with in the yard, home or park. It also do inspire pets hunting instinct to insanely chase this chew ball, so it can better train pet agility. 🦮🏏🪀

This bite dog chewing ball can be a play toy and a teeth cleaning toy in the same time. It helps to remove the plaque and tartar, reduce the breeding of bacteria, keep teeth clean and freshen the breath. 🐶👌🪀

The soft texture of the bite dog chewing ball is designed to be safe for your dog's gums. With it your little pet won't bite the sofa and other furniture again. 😌🪀🦮

You can get yours from our store in the link bellow :

4) The dog knot shaped bone toy :  🦴🐾🐶🐕

This ‘’ dog knot shaped bone toy ‘’ is made by braided cotton string in a bone shape, it will Keep your dog’s teeth and gums clean and healthy and will satisfy all your dog’s chewing desires ! 🦴🐾🐶🐕

You can get yours from our store in the link bellow :

When considering the dog boredom toys we listed above, remember that some dogs may often have destructive biting characters and will be seen biting chair, cloth, mats and everything that can see...😱😨😰🐕🐩🐕‍🦺

If you detect a teething problem in a puppy, provide it with some large sized balls, mineral mixture based bone materials ect as our dog boredom toys listed above. Such variety of materials help to reduce the boredom related activities of your pup  ! 🏈⚽️🥎⚾️🦴🐕🐴🐷🦊🐔🐶😉

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