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  • Blog post 9 : The perfect dog grooming kit for the dog groomers 🐩🚿🛁🧼💇‍♂️

    A good dog grooming kit is a must for every respectable dog groomer. If the dog owner is not aware of the grooming, then the dog may encounter many types of diseases. First steps of grooming consists of activities like maintenance of coat, nails and ears.

    The maintenance of the coat mainly consists of enrichment measures like proper bathing, combing, drying of skin by dryers and more. The animal need not be bathed daily and this helps to protect the skins characteristics like insulation feature...Check our blog post ! 🐩🚿🛁🧼💇‍♂️

  • Blog post 8 : Do you need different diets depending to your dog age ? 🐶🐕🍲🥩🍗

    Yes, dog owners need to make different diets depending to their dog age. For example, the puppy needs milk as the major food item while an adult dog may need beef or chicken in addition to the boiled egg and milk. So depending on the age factor, the diet schedule varies in reality for the dogs like any other species...check our blog post ! 🐶🐕🍲🥩🍗

  • Blog post 11 : what to feed dogs ? quality dog food at any cost ? 🐶🥛🥣🤑🤔

    The cost of dog food is a key factor when wondering what to feed dogs, especialy for those with different kinds of food items. Yes. This is true. The cost factor needs to be looked into in various perspectives when you consider what to feed dogs in order to get a balanced feeding with proper vitamin and mineral supplementations in the dog food...check our blog post ! 🐶🥛🥣🤑🤔
  • Blog post 7 : Common questions about yearly dog vaccinations 🐶🐾💉👀

    One of the common questions about yearly dog vaccinations is whether the dog needs to be given vaccination on the first week of age or not. The dogs need not be vaccinated within five to six weeks of age. But, if they did not receive vaccinations, then the vaccination against the parvoviral infections used to kill viral vaccines and measles disease may be given...check our blog post ! 🐶🐾💉😉
  • Blog post 6 : Therapy and prevention of dog heartworm symptoms ? 🐶🐛💔😖

    The common questions about dog heartworm symptoms are often related to the species affected by heart worms in addition to the dogs. One should know that in addition to dogs, the cat, fox, wolf, horse, sea lion etc. are also affected. Can this be cured or not ? Yes. This can be treated...check our blog post ! 🐶🐛💔🙏🏼
  • Blog post 5 : The art of clipping dog nails and coats 🐶🐾✂️🦮

    Many dog owners generally think of clipping as only a mechanical activity. Few understand that clipping dog nails and coats is an art. The activity of clipping dogs nails and coats needs to be carried out in a careful manner to avoid dog injury to the skin or nail. Clipping of the coat is to be taken care of as per the breed characteristics...Check our blog post ! 🐶🐾✂️🦮

  • Blog post 4 : Is your dog bored ? Try our dog boredom toys ! 😉🐴🐷🦊🐶

    There are many ways to get your dog out of its boredom activities. Many dog boredom toys are available as simulated donkey, pig, fox, dog, chicken etc.These dog boredom toys may be kept inside the crate and in particular, puppies love these items...Check our blog post ! 😉🐴🐷🦊🐶
  • Blog post 3 : how often to bathe a puppy ? 🐶🐾🚿🛁

    As a carrying dog owner you've already asked yourselfhow often to bathe a puppy that you own. The question abouthow often to bathe a puppy needs to be given more emphasis. This is because of the fact that if you are careless in bathing, the puppy may end up having some infections...Check our blog post ! 😵🐶🐾🛁
  • Blog post 2 : the cat and dog parasites you should know and fix right NOW !! 🐱🐶🦟🦗🐛

    The cat and dog parasites need to be always a top priority for pet owners...One of the main cat and dog parasites is flea bite allergy, it induces allergic reactions in the concerned area of the pet bitten by the fleas. Hence, the affected area looks like hairless area and the pet starts scratching...check our blog post ! 😉🐱🐶🦟🦗
  • Blog post 1 : This is how to teach dog to walk on a leash 🐶🦮🐕‍🦺🐩👨🏻‍🦯

    One of the most common problems dog owners have is to teach dog to walk on leash ! There are many reasons why this can occur, and quite often it is nothing more than excitement on the dogs part.

    If this is the case, allowing the dog a few minutes to simmer down before taking it on his/her walk can often stop it...Check our blog post ! 😉🐕‍🦺🦮🐩👨🏻‍🦯